Dynamic STEM Presentations

Technical presentations can be the most challenging. How do you convey difficult or complex information to an audience that may or may not easily understand? In this course, which can be tailored for webcasts, in-person or video presentations, you learn how to break down the information into bite-sized pieces, tell stories that illustrate the material, and design slides that support your message.

For more on Jennifer’s work with technical presenters, click here.


Dynamic STEM Presentations: Video

Many presenters feel especially nervous when speaking on-camera. How can you appear relaxed and approachable when you are speaking to a camera? This course helps you to:

  • Manage nerves so that your natural warmth comes through
  • Adjust your body language so that your gestures and posture support your message
  • Use your voice effectively, including with a mic

This course can also include storytelling, slide design and prep process.


Dynamic STEM Presentations: Webcasts/Podcasts

How do you grab an audience and keep them listening in the virtual environment? You often have only your voice, and perhaps some slides, to do so. This course provides strategies that help you:

  • Streamline your prep process
  • Engage and hold your audience
  • Design slides that support your message and your brand
  • Tell compelling and persuasive stories
  • Use your voice with engaging power and tonality

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Dynamic STEM Presentations: Gamified

This improv-based presentation skills workshop “gamifies” any of the Dynamic Presentations curricula. Participants play group games that are designed to help them relax and get in touch with their natural expressiveness. After the warm-up games, participants hone their messages and practice their presentations using their own style, as they would in the regular presentation workshop.