Get coaching that gets results.

One-on-one coaching can be the best – and fastest – way to develop. Whether the focus is innovation or leadership, Jennifer’s brain-science based coaching helps you to move through obstacles and gain insights.  You can achieve your goals!

Neuroscience-based coaching can help you in all aspects of your STEM career, from leadership to innovation and beyond.

Neuroscience-Based Breakthrough Coaching

Neuroscience-Based Breakthrough Coaching leverages the best in brain science to help you reach your goals.

Every coaching engagement begins with the Visioning Process, which helps you break through to your greatest vision for your life, business, or innovative idea or invention.  In the following sessions, we jump in and work on bringing that vision into reality.

The entire coaching process is grounded in the latest research in brain science. You learn to:

Manage your baseline brain state.

The limbic system can trigger fight/flight/freeze at a moment’s notice. But it also contains your “reward” circuitry, which can propels us joyfully forward. In our work together, you will learn to minimize unnecessary fight/flight states and maximize your overall reward states.

Use habits to change your life, one moment at a time.

Our brains love to automate any and all of our behaviors, sometimes to our detriment. Through our coaching together, you will learn to take charge of your brain’s natural love of repetition to create habits that will lead to longer-term health, happiness, and achievement.

Reveal the wisdom of emotions.

Neither repressing and nor getting stuck in emotions gives us access to their underlying wisdom. In our work, you’ll learn to simply stay present with any feelings that arise. Thus, you process and release emotions naturally, and uncover your inner wisdom.

Improve your thinking.

Breakthroughs occur more often when we focus on how we’re thinking as opposed to what we’re thinking. In our work, you’ll get “unstuck” by lifting out of the details of a problem and into the vision of where you want to go. This leads to solutions that you couldn’t see at the level of the problem.

Use the power of positive psychology for lasting change.

Research shows that validating achievements and positive personal qualities creates a virtuous cycle. It builds more of the same. In our work together, you’ll create a practice of self-validation that has you feeling great satisfaction, motivation, and personal power.

Breakthrough to Aha! moments.

Moments of transforming insight are available to us all, and more frequently than we might think. In our coaching work, we’ll use a process that triggers many insight moments. These Aha! moments will not only solve problems, but also lead to great bursts of energy, creativity, and productivity.

Whatever you want to accomplish, neuroscience-based coaching can probably help.


Coaching can focus on the following areas: