Lead in a way that inspires others to follow.

How do you become the most inspiring and effective leader you can be? How do you develop leadership skills in your people? Our courses will take your leadership skills from good to great.

As with all our courses, our coaching and group training courses in leadership are tailored to meet your needs.

Leadership: Your Values, Vision and Strengths

In this course, you’ll identify the values that drive you as a professional, and your vision for your leadership. You’ll explore the important of emotional intelligence, especially as it relates to knowing your strengths and challenges. You’ll take the TriMetrix DNA assessment, to take a deeper dive into your work style, motivations and competencies as a leader.


Leadership: Relationships

Every leader needs a network of others to succeed. In this course, we’ll build on emotional intelligence to explore networking, building rapport, active listening and strategic questioning.


Leadership: Leading and Managing Others

Effective teams can only be built by involved leaders. In this course, you’ll learn techniques and strategies for training others in new skills, giving effective feedback, and handling conflict. You’ll also look at motivation, and coaching and mentoring others for their own individual and team success.


Leadership: Hiring Others

Bringing new people onto your team can feel risky. An individual may have a great resume and excellent references, but you still may be unsure whether they are the best fit for the job. In this course, you’ll learn the science of benchmarking, and go through a process of benchmarking your open positions so that you hire the right person for the right job, every time.